Our goals


We believe that the best choices are based on knowledge. That’s why we have planned the Vegan Festival so that people of all ages and lifestyles can enjoy it, and will leave better informed, well-fed and uplifted.


Veganism does not mean rejection of the pleasures of life. Quite the opposite – it is a true adventure of never-ending discoveries. Get inspiration from workshops led by excellent Latvian chefs, confectioners and recipe authors, and make your life brighter!


Everyone is welcome at the Vegan Festival — not just vegans and vegetarians, but also people transitioning to a vegetable diet, as well as those who believe it is definitely not for them. You might not become a devoted vegan, but what we can guarantee is a great day spent in great company.

What it is all about?


Lectures and talks from extraordinary personalities, interesting new facts, intellectual games and other workshops for curious minds.


Masterclasses by talented cooks, tips and recipes — get acquainted with vegan food at the festival, bring the recipes home and enjoy them every day!


Great music for different tastes, artistic performances and other kinds of entertainment all day long.


This is a perfect opportunity to not only purchase quality vegan cosmetics, clothes and healthy foods, but also to meet and talk to their producers.

Why go vegan?

Abstaining from use of meat, fish, milk and other animal products is the most effective way to reduce the number of animals involved in industrial livestock production, thus saving them from a life full of suffering.

Research by renowned academics has proven that a wholesome and balanced vegetable diet reduces the risk of heart diseases, obesity and even cancer.

Industrial livestock production is one of the most polluting industries in the world. It creates more emissions than all of the world’s transport, pollutes lakes and rivers, and causes deforestation to create space for growing animal feed.


Latvian Vegan Festival is produced and organised by the Dzīvnieku Brīvība (Animal Freedom) society. This is the largest movement for animal rights in Latvia. Since the establishment of Dzīvnieku Brīvība in 2012, we have stuck to our goals — to secure the right of animals to live in dignity and not in suffering.

We are an independent non-governmental organisation. Our day-to-day work, as well as the memorable events we put on, are organised by dedicated activists and supported by donations from our supporters.

Find out more about our work and how you can help advance animal rights in Latvia here.